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Ashley Rita & Michael Anthony — Minted
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for spending our special day with us. It was an absolute dream and we love each and every one of you. Cheers to the future!! All our love, The Augustine's

Ashley Rita


Michael Anthony

Wedding Party

Colleen Berzal

Matron of Honor

Ashley (aka Rita) and I have been friends practically our whole lives. A friendship starting at just 3 years old, has truly blossomed into a sisterhood. I couldn’t be happier for Rita and Michael to tie the knot. I’m so honored to stand by two amazing people as they promise forever to each other. You will just have to wait for the embarrassing stories as I try not to sob like a baby giving my Matron of Honor speech.

Heidi Rothe

Maid of Honor

Ashley Rita Nickolich and I have known each other since roughly 7th grade. We bonded through friends, sharing birthdays, awkward highschool experiences (to be continued for the stories…) and now are bonded through families. I couldn’t be more thrilled that the Augustine’s, Stock’s/Cole’s are not only lifelong friends but now family too! Ashley and Mike, I couldn’t be more thrilled to stand by your side on your special day and look forward to a lifetime of memories ahead!

Sierra Burt


Ashley and I met at a BBQ over 10 years ago. She insists she came to my house and we met there months prior, but apparently one of us has a bad memory (it’s probably her). We became fast friends. Summers planking, my wedding, first Christmas trees, and three babies later…we can still hang with the best of them. I am so proud of who Ashley has become after watching her grow over these many years. I can’t wait for her to marry Miguel so I can snuggle their beautiful babies. Love you guys!

Stephanie Nickolich


Where do I even begin? I met Ashley as the littlest itty bitty. From that moment, I was completely obsessed with her (and a little jealous). We spent so much time together as kids and have created some of my favorite childhood memories. Of course, the thing she will never let me live down is the time we were practicing cheerleading moves and I dropped her on her head, even after she promised not to tell. I am so proud and happy for the love that her and Michael share and even more excited to be part of their special day! I love you sissy!

Caitlin Cahill


Ashley and I met in the 7th grade and quickly became the best of friends. Always laughing, looking for adventures and making the most of every minute! I am incredibly grateful for our friendship that continues to blossom throughout the years. We have countless memories that I’ll cherish forever. My Ween, aka Weeny, Weenos, or simply put, my BEAN. The pea to my pod. I could not be happier for you and Michael! He is a lucky man and I love you both immensely.

Lauren Krohn


We met in 2016 at Hudson Valley Community College in a microbiology lab. We become lab partners and got talking about why we were taking the class. We were both applying for the dental hygiene program the following year. All it took was a few labs to realize we would become good friends. We took a few more pre-requisites together and then we were accepted into the dental hygiene program. We were each other’s moral support, someone to laugh with and cry with through it all. Many sleepovers spent studying or preparing for a project. We were by each other’s sides through the whole program and developed a life long friendship! You and Mike are important to my family and I can’t wait to stand by your side as you tie the knot. ❤️ We love you!!

Bobbi Longton


Ashley & I met in chemistry class while trying to get into the dental hygiene program. At the time, I had a rocky relationship and my only focus was getting A's in my prerequisites, meaning studying alone- not looking for friends. She likes to joke about it to this day that I was “not interested” in her- lol. A few months into the dental hygiene program we became closer and closer. Many sleep overs, a few drunken fights over nothing. By our senior year, my rocky relationship had ended and I officially became Miguel & Rita’s permanent third wheel. I practically lived with them. Or Mike became the third wheel, we’ll let him decide. Rita & I were in our routine- eat, breathe, sleep, study, even shower together sometimes. Shley, you’re one of a kind. The exact kind of friend I needed in my life during such a hard time and I gained an extra friendship with Mike out of it. I couldn’t pick a better man for you. I love you both so much and I am honored to be a part of this marriage.

Jordan Goeden


Ashley and I met in 7th grade and our friendship grew closer and closer to the point by senior year, we rarely spent a day apart. We’ve traveled to many places together... Cancun, Myrtle Beach, Nebraska, New Jersey just to name a few and maybe stirred up a little trouble along the way. Ashley has been a constant for me throughout the years creating some of my most memorable experiences in life and I can not wait to stand by her side when she says "I do" to the man of her dreams. When I first met Michael, I knew right away from the way he smiled larger than life at Ashley for one of her classic antics (like constantly trying on all her GF's wedding rings ;)) that he loved her deeply for her truest self and that he would be the one for her. Their love is one to be admired and it has impressed me to watch them grow together over these years. Can't wait to get them hitched!!

Kira Dellay


Oh Ashley or should I say Ash, Reet, puffer butt, or Ritaaa these are just some of the names I call you on the daily. I still remember the first day I met your crazy ass...wearing your Aladdin pants, AKA your special pants. I knew from day one we would connect. We are just too similar not to. From being there with you when you found out you passed your boards to taking the personality test at work and finding out that we literally are the same person we have shared many special memories. We’ve traveled together and have had the times of our lives. I love laughing until our stomachs hurt, saying dumb shit to one another, taking numerous pictures, venting to one another, and anything else that our crazy selves do. Many moments that I am soo grateful for. You’re a one of a kind and have such a good heart, everyday I’m thankful to have you as my friend. You and Michael are two of my favorite humans! I love you both and cannot wait to watch you flourish and share so many special moments with one another. Here’s to the lovely couple cheers to love, happiness, and friendship forever!

James Ferraro

Best Man

I don’t really remember the first time I met Michael because we were so little, but I’m sure it was naked in a kiddy pool somewhere. Michael is not only my cousin but more of a brother to me. Michael has been my best friend since day one whether he was choke slamming me on the trampoline, sticking up for me to the neighborhood kids when I’d start fights I couldn’t back up yet, my right hand man on the baseball field, my drinking buddy in the later years, and just being my solid piece of advice when I needed it most. It’s been a pleasure growing up with this guy watching him turn into a great man and sharing lots of laughs and love along the way. If Michael is as good of a husband to Ashley as he is a brother/friend to me than this should be a great ride! I love you guys!

Zachary Torok


Michael and I first met playing All Star baseball when we were thirteen years old. Unfortunately, because I lacked Michael’s mind-blowing baseball skills, I did not make the elite Ulster County Moose team and we lost touch. Fast forward to our bar hopping days, Ashley reintroduced Michael into our circle of friends. I guess that’s when you could say our bromance truly blossomed. Michael and I bonded over the excitement that comes along with working for our fathers and sharing many common interests. I am thankful for our friendship that runs deep and our daily phone calls that allow us to catch up and check in. I am honored to call Michael my friend, but even more honored to be standing by his side on the day that he marries Ashley Rita.

Bryan Burt


I met Michael over 10 years ago when he showed up at my apartment with Ashley and fell asleep on the couch. It was an interesting first meeting, but luckily we became friends the next day. A lot of late nights gambling, vacations, and sleep overs with our ladies, I am glad to have become good friends with him. I do feel bad for whoever I sold that couch to though….

Mark Fabiano


Michael, from when we were kids playing ball to our vacations in Florida I have always thought of you as a best friend. I'm so glad I brought you to Saugerties that night to meet your future bride! Cheers to the Augustine’s!

Mike Rios


Mike and I met when we were in elementary school—about 25 years ago now—playing Minor League/Little League baseball. Although Mike was the same age as me, he was a grade ahead, so we hadn't spent much time together until baseball connected us. But it turned out that we had many common interests beyond just sports, ranging from building forts in backyards, dressing up for fake military missions throughout the neighborhood, playing manhunt, video games, Pokémon, and more. Naturally, we became best friends and experienced every phase of life together, from adolescence to present day adulthood. Some of my greatest and most cherished memories have come from our friendship and spending time at the Augustine household, and I'm honored to stand by Mike's side as he starts this next chapter of his life.

Kristopher Snyder


How did I meet Mike Augustine? That’s a great question folks! First time I can remember is at a sleepover at Mark Fabiano’s. For the longest time, he was a guy from Kingston that played baseball with Mark.

Fast forward to when Ashley started dating Mike...we met a couple times out in Saugerties at Mirabellas and then the rest is history. In the early days, we would go down to the strand for St. patty’s day, go to Saratoga to the track and country concerts at SPAC. Then we made Hunter Mountain our home for Taste of Country. We have had so many more fun times between his horseshoe tournaments, weddings, trips to Florida, my 4th of July parade parties and of course boating and snowmobiling at Lake Sacandaga. Whatever and wherever we do, Mike is always down to have a great time. I couldn’t ask for a better friend to share the weekends with!

Dan Houston


Mike and I were part of the same incoming baseball class at Boston College. My first opinion of Mike was that if we ever got into a drinking competition… I would definitely have to cover his part. So that’s what I did when we got into a competition to drink warm Genny Lite. Mike was upfront about it, “I’m gonna need somebody to pick me up on this.” I learned early on that Mike was upfront, honest, and tells it like it is. We have been buddies ever since then. He’s someone you could always count on if he said he was going to pick you up or you needed a place to crash.

Tyler Nickolich


Well, as far back as I can remember, it was the year 2012, when my one and only sister Ashley Rita Nickolich had brought home a tall, suave, well-mannered and intelligent gentleman to our father’s house in Saugerties after a night of dating to officially be introduced to our family. I immediatley felt a certain connection between Mike and Ashley...there was no doubt in my mind that Mike was the one for her because he is the type of gentleman to treat a woman with total respect and love and I am more than happy to say that it would be my sister who would be on the receiving end. After all these years of seeing their relationship grow closer and closer, I knew that one day they were going to be married! I am very excited to soon officially call Michael Anthony Augustine my brother-in-law or to simply put it…brother. I love you both very much!

Brandon Brocco


Mike and I met at the x...the armpit of Saugerties in 2012. Even though it wasn't "love at first sight" it quickly blossomed into a unbreakable friendship. From Miami trips to watch our favorite NFL teams in person (which the Dolphins beat the Jets by 1000) to sleeping on deflated air mattresses, I couldn't be more honored to be apart of 2 of my favorite people's special day. Love both of you mofos!

Marlee Burt & Collette Berzal

Flower Girl/Child

Ashley's Goddaughters :)

Marlee Burt--Daughter of Bryan & Sierra Burt

Collette Berzal--Daughter of Paul & Colleen Berzal

Jack Ferraro

Ring Bearer

Son of Jimmy Ferraro

Eric Tavares


Mark Nickolich

Father of the Bride

Maureen Nickolich

Mother of the Bride

Michael Augustine

Father of the Groom

Penny Augustine

Mother of the Groom